What The Foam!?

Whether you’re a mud run junkie or a foam fatale, we know you’ve got a dirty side. But when it comes to lacing up your shoes for another fun run, you’re gonna want a little more than just some dirt on your shirt. So come get filthy clean!

The 5k Foam Fest has all the mud pits and trail running obstacles you could ask for − but with a foamy fun twist! So whether you’re an expert mudder or a first time foamster, you’ll LOVE running, jumping, and bouncing your way through our 15+ obstacles filled with mud, fun, and fluffy white foam!

5k Foam Fest FunCore Mud Run


When was the last time you and your friends all dressed up in crazy fun costumes and got totally muddy? Or how about the last time your boss dressed up like a loofa and did a face plant in foam? If you can’t remember, it’s time to let loose and have fun! With such a foamy “funcore” atmosphere, it’s an absolute party before, after and all through your run! And because of our “funcore, not hardcore” feel, you’ll fit right in with our crowd − no matter your skill level!

5k Foam Fest Family Fun Run

A Fun Family Adventure

It’s no secret that families who do stuff together just get along better − and the 5k Foam Fest is your perfect way to have some good “foam” ily fun! Kids 10 and up can run in the race, and there’s plenty of onsite activities for younger kids, too. Make fitness fun for your family by setting some goals and running together! With family attractions both on and off course, you’ll have a great time making memories that’ll last long after your run!

A Crazy New Challenge

5K Foam Run Fest

But if you’ve done a few mud runs or obstacle races and want something new to test your mad skillz, we’ve got ya covered! You’ll have a shot to prove you’re a boss and show your team all your skills in our mud pits, walls, and cargo climbs - but [can you handle the rest of the course? or that’s just part of the course!]

You’ve probably never had to bounce−slide your way through adult sized inflatables, tackle 50 foot slip n’ slides, or face our eLEMONator while running a 5k! Think you’ve got what it takes? Dive in and let’s see! If you think you’re a baller and can finish the race, there’s an ice cold Mike’s Hard waiting at the finish line for your after party. So go [ahead or on] − celebrate that muddy face plant in foam you had 5 minutes in!